Would you believe this beauty…

can turn into this

in less than five minutes?

This is not a scene from an upcoming James Bond movie. This can happen in real life

The fire starts small; however, it spreads quickly to the point where there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Can this be prevented? You bet! The answer is simple: always carry a fire extinguisher in your car in case you need it.

Imagine parking your car in front of a mall before going shopping but when you return the vehicle is up in flames.

This exact situation, unfortunately, happened to a friend of mine.

He had parked his precious 1967 Mustang outside a shopping centre as he went to buy some goods. When he turned, his prized possession had burnt to a crisp.

What was the reason behind the fire?

He left a cigarette lighter on his dashboard. It was the middle of July and the heat was intense…

You can probably imagine that my friend suffered a great deal from his loss.

I believe every man loves his car because he puts his time, money, and soul into finding his dream model.

It was at this point that I started investigating the incidence of car fires. I talked to friends, read reviews, looked for as much information possible. This website is the summary of my research.

This website is dedicated to those who like to be a step ahead before disaster strikes because once your vehicle catches on fire, it’s too late to call the fire department or run with buckets of water.

I tried to cover every topic that could be related to car fires. However, in case you’d like to suggest a new article, please contact me.


Greg Sheppard